Bravecto for Dogs – Blue 20kg – 40kg (1000mg)


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Paralysis ticks are a common enemy of dogs everywhere. They feed off your dog’s blood, while also injecting it with a deadly toxin that causes paralysis. This usually begins in the back legs and can eventually affect their voice as well as make them unable to blink or swallow at all. Bravecto Soft Chews for Dogs is revolutionizing the way Sri Lankans protect their dogs against ticks and fleas. These chews terminate adult fleas, help treat and prevent infestations of these pests, and also provide protection from paralysis tick for four months! Bravecto tastes great so your dog will love taking his medication which means it’s a much easier pill to swallow.

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Bravecto for Dogs 20-40Kg body weight. Bravecto for dogs is a chewable tablet that kills fleas and prevents them from coming back for 12 weeks. It’s approved for use in dogs 8 weeks of age or older, weighing 20Kg or more. When given every 3 months, Bravecto provides comprehensive protection against fleas and ticks.

We know how much dogs love treats, so we made one that gives your furry friend long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks.


  • Defend against paralysis ticks for 4 months and fleas for 3 months
  • Also treats brown dog ticks, bush ticks, Sarcoptes, Demodex and ear mites.
  • Can be used in puppies over 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 20 kg and safe in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
    3 Months cover on fleas and 4 Moth cover on paralysis ticks

For Dogs 20-40Kg body weight

Dosage and administration
Large Dogs (>20 – 40kg): 1000mg fluralaner

  • A whole chew (tablet) must be used
  • Administer Bravecto at or around the time of feeding for maximum bioavailability
  • In dogs older than 8 weeks, treatment every 8 weeks has been shown to be well tolerated.


Use caution in dogs with a history of seizures – If your dog has a specific health problem, contact your veterinarian.

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