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Treat your furry friend to a nutritious and delicious snack, training treat or snack with 100% Beef Liver Dog Treats! These treats are made with only 100% beef liver, which serves as an excellent source of protein, amino acids, iron and B-vitamins. This tasty treat is sliced and slow dried until thin strips to remove moisture while retaining all nutrients and flavor—making it both nutritious and delicious! With beef liver as the only ingredient, these Blackdog Beef Liver Treats are perfect for pups with food sensitivities and on limited ingredient diets. Simply serve them right out of the bag, crumble a few over your friend’s favorite food or soak them in water for a soft and meaty texture your pal is sure to love!

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  • Made with 100% Australian beef liver
  • Beef liver provides a great source of protein, amino acids, iron and B-vitamins to help your pal feel his best
  • Single-ingredient makes this food especially perfect for doggos with food allergies and on limited ingredient diets
  • Slow dried to retain all nutrients and flavor so your pup can enjoy a treat that is both nutritious and delicious


100% Australian Beef

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 65% , Fat 9.9%, Fibre 6%, Salt <1%

Size – 150g

Bag Size

150g, 500g, 1Kg


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