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    Membership Requirement

    You must follow the laws about kennels and breeding standards as defined by your governing body. Make sure you follow any state, federal, council or country laws about animal welfare.

    2. ABOUT YOU

    A breeder must have at least two dogs, and one of them must be a breeding bitch.

    3. I AGREE TO

    Exclusively feed and recommend Black Hawk Dog Food.

    4. I AGREE TO

    Handover a Black Hawk Puppy Recommendation Pack to new pet owners.

    5. I AGREE TO

    Purchase all my Black Hawk products through online shop and understand that they must be purchased through the same account to qualify.

    6. I AGREE

    That a Black Hawk Representative may visit my breeding facility from time to time at mutually agreed dates and times to discuss matters relating to my participation in the Black Hawk Breeders Club