Cats vs dogs: which are better pets?

He wants a faithful buddy who will love him forever. She wants a soft, regal housemate with a wonderful purr. The argument began to get heated!
Listening to the debate, I had to admit that both people had a point – but for different reasons. It is certainly true in that Australia, dogs are less common than cats , but I think the best way to decide what type of pet is best for you is to consider your lifestyle.

Dogs are faithful, cats are independent.

Dogs are more obedient and faithful than cats. You will have a hard time getting your cat to sit or stay, and cats only live with you if it’s convenient for them. My mother’s fat eight year old cat moved in with the neighbours when she got a new puppy. A well cared for dog would never even think of doing that!
But it is the independence of cats that is one of their main advantages as pets. Dogs are much more emotionally needy and get anxious when you aren’t around. Your cat will be happy to see you when you arrive home, but won’t get frantically lonely in your absence.

Dogs need more attention and cost more to keep.

Dogs are much higher maintenance than cats, and big dogs can eat a lot of food every month. On the other hand, they scare off intruders and become so close to you that many people see them as being the next best thing to children.
Cats will not expect as much of you, and their skill at hunting keeps your home rodent free. They can be good companions too – but on their own terms! Some say that dogs are better pets and others are sure that cats are better than dogs.

What do you think? Do you prefer dogs or cats and why?

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