03 Basic Tips for Taking Care of Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene

Have you ever considered taking a look at the oral hygiene of your pet? It’s amazing that lots of pet owners who take really good care of their pets often do not remember to check their oral hygiene. This is very common among dog owners and by the time the damage is noticed, it is almost too late. So what can you do to ensure that you take good care of your dog’s dental hygiene? Here are a few tips.

  • Regularly Brush your pet’s teeth

First of all, it is important to note that you should never use human tooth brushes for your dog. Doing so will affect your dog’s stomach. Secondly, avoid toothpaste with fluoride for dogs that are younger than six months old. There are special canine tooth-brushing kits that you can use. There are also toothpastes for dogs or you can put together home-made toothpaste made from baking soda and water.

  • Do a Breath test

Bad breath is one of the first signs of bad oral health in a dog. Normal doggie breath is not particularly pleasant, that’s just how dogs are. But if you sniff your dog’s breath and it is really awful, then that is a good indication that there is something wrong with his dental health.

  • Know the symptoms of oral disease

It is vital that you know what to look out for so that you can discover on time if your dog is suffering from one oral disease or the other. So here are a few symptoms to help you on your way:

-        Inflamed or swollen gums

-        Loose teeth

-        Bad breath

-        Excessive drooling

-        Gums that are white or red

Additional Tip: Get good quality chew toys that can help make your dog’s teeth strong.

We know you care a lot about your pet and want to give that cute dog the best care. One way you can do that is not to ignore the dental hygiene.