Have you ever found yourself running around the house in a frantic mission to find your kitty cat? Where has that cute ball of fur run off to now? Perhaps she’s at the neighbours manipulating them with her adorable ways to get some yummy treats, or perhaps she is chasing a poor bird in the back yard again… 

You feel like you’re playing a game of hide and seek, and indeed that is exactly the case. When you finally discovered your beloved kitty in a box in the spare room. ‘What on earth are you doing in here?’ you ask, followed by a purr and meow. 

‘I have your bed in my room my dear cat.’ She just looks at you and poof! There she’s off again on another adventure. ‘Was I just played?’

What is it about cats and boxes? They are always hiding in them. Well, Stephen Zawistowski, a science adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said, “Cats like boxes because they are cryptic animals; they like to hide and a box gives them a place of safety and security”. 

Cats don’t like to be snuck up on. If anything is to approach them, they would like it to be directly in front of them from where they can see you coming. The box allows them to hide and see when something is approaching. 

So if something interesting passes by, and kitty can see, they can pounce out at any given time and get whatever critter it’s after before quickly retreating to the safety zone. They prefer to have the upper hand and would prefer being 10 steps ahead. They just love to be unseen. They can sit at a comfortable view point and watch the world around them in peace. Nothing can bother them from their safety box. 

The box also provides the cat a cosy place to sleep in. It is nice and warm because it blocks out most of the breeze. Your cat can safely take a nap and not be disturbed. This is important for the cat, as they sleep up to 20 hours a day. A box is most certainly the purrrfect place for our kitties to sleep in peace. 

All pets have their toy of preference. Dogs love balls and sticks, hamsters love hamster wheels. Cats however have plenty of toys. Some you bought; some they stole from the neighbours; some were the dreaded little creatures they brought in from the garden, but nothing compares to their safety spot they discovered all on their own, “The Box”.  Cat in a box